The Importance Of Consistent Integrity

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All around we are seeing giants of industry fall. Hollywood heroes are stepping aside or being disowned. Government untouchables are no longer part of the game.

We are seeing a type of revolution, a shaking of the kingdoms that were once elevated and provided a fortress for those who lived in them. 

In this age of data, information, and the need for content, there is an endless pursuit for more. Part of that quest is the formal media which thrives on messages of gossip, fear, and wrongdoing. Because of this, the darkest secrets that were for a time covered up, are now being put on display at a national and global level.

What strikes me most about the release of greed, corruption, and scandal over the last two years is:

  1. The speed at which it can rip someone of their profession, reputation, current deals and agreements, and life in general
  2. The removal of any type of statute of limitations or time of relevance.

We are living in a time where every tweet, email, financial transaction, or text message is saved and archived. It is with little difficulty that we can produce any piece of data in or out of context.

Build upon this the swiftness with which one piece of information can destroy your life and you can see the dangerous times we live in. 

What is becoming most apparent is this:

If you would like to be respected and hold a place of authority, whether in politics, entertainment, sports, business, religion, or any other realm; integrity is of upmost importance.

It is so easy to make a wrong turn today. 

Further, as you become more “important”, the temptations to turn, cut a corner, or cheat become easier and more abundant. At times it may even seem like the next logical step.

If your life has been focused on building a reputation and idea which instigates change, which inspires millions, and which can impact the world, you have a daily fight in store. 

It is a daily decision to purposely avoid and refuse each decision that may, at one point in your life, bring everything crashing down.

Now, more than ever the idea of daily consistent integrity is of upmost importance to those who wish to lead a life of significance. 

Each day let every action be one that if publicized would increase your respect, not diminish it.

Joshua Schultz

Joshua Schultz

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