The Morning Run

- 2 mins

The morning run has long been a favorite of mine. A combination of mental and physical invigoration at a time when the city itself is waking creates a near perfect start to the day.

What is it about a morning run that energizes and promotes focus and an uplifting perspective?


Perhaps it is exercising the discipline to rise out of bed before the masses and do something good for yourself. Starting the day with a run sets the tone for the rest of the day, creating incentive and momentum for more positive decisions that will benefit you, your relationships, and the circles you influence.


Perhaps it is connecting with the ancient human instinct to move. We were made to be mobile and active. Our physiology screams movement on multiple planes at various speeds, and for different reasons. Running breaks the stillness of sleep and switches our consciences to one of movement, making clear the new direction for the day. The blood runs, the brain awakens, and muscles loosen, and the joints move once again. The day is beginning.


Perhaps it is syncing our rise with the sun itself. As nature begins to bustle with birds, squirrels, you there, moving among them, greeted by the great life force the sun. The fresh air and dawning light sync our circadian rhythms to those of nature.


Perhaps it is feeling the energizing stirring of the city. Diesel trucks are heard as fruit distributors make their morning rounds to various restaurants, garbage trucks clean up from the day before preparing the space for another day of activity, connections, and memories. The sun peeks around the corners of the building while the last of the street lamps begin to turn off. Running aligned with the waking of a city has always energized me for the day ahead.


Perhaps it is the long period of internal and external silence producing a meditative mental state and a focused resolve for the rest of the day. The peace and openness post run is among the most therapeutic feelings I have yet to achieve.

Perhaps it is a synergistic combination of all of them.

Regardless of the why, the morning run has always been a favorite of mine. Morning holds possibility. You can feel it as you run by by beautiful buildings, active people, and energizing natural surroundings. The morning holds both dreams and the energy to accomplish them; the ability to instigate change.

I have found the morning run to be filled with energy, inspiration, focus, centeredness, and creative possibility. I hope you too will find it an integral part of your life.

Joshua Schultz

Joshua Schultz

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