All in, or All out.

You should either be all in, or all out. Everything in the middle is a waste of time.

There are so many things in life, the important things, the things that matter, which require complete and unquestioned commitment.

Are you in, or out?

This question should be asked of so many things in life. You can’t partially be a

  • Business Owner
  • Employee
  • Expert
  • Friend
  • Husband
  • Dad

These things require an internal commitment. There will be tough times which will make the day to day gruesome. Without an unwavering commitment, you will not make it.

Beyond quitting, you never thrive in a role that you aren’t 100% committed to. When you see a person care about every little detail of their work, their company, and their image, it isn’t because they are 80% committed. It is because they decided they are all in.

Being a father or husband will try your patience, and without an all-in commitment, you may very well find yourself in a disaster.

So many today are straddling the fence on so many topics. Some straddle because they don’t know, some because they don’t care, and some because they want the best of both worlds. I will tell you, they get the best of neither.

They straddle between being religious or not, a friend or not, a devoted volunteer or not. They fall on different sides of the fence when it suites them to be on that side.

I would say it is better to experience the best of one side than the leftovers of both.

So choose.

Look at your life in those critical areas.

  • Are you all in with your family?
  • Are you all in with your work?
  • Are you all in with your relationships?
  • Are you all in with your charity work?
  • Are you all in with your communities?
  • Are you all in with goals?

Consider there are only two options, 100% or 0%.

Choose one.

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