Stop Trying To Prove Your Worth, Prove You Can Help The Customer Instead

The longer I am in business, the more I see that most problems come down to

  • Information
  • Communication
  • Human Psychology

The psychology tends to be a common element in most industries when it comes to operating at an expert level.

I remember when trading, the early traders cared about return and indicators. They would get technical (myself included) and buried in the minutia of look-back periods, exponential versus simple, and the optimal combination of indicators. Then, as they progressed, they realized that risk management was where the real money was made (or not lost). And, some finally came to understand that understanding human psychology around events, points, and in the context of history led to being able to successfully navigate the markets and complex landscape.

Business is no different. Human psychology, bias, and ego can make or break a company or a team.

I was recently dealing with a sales guy who was selling in a new domain. I pointed him to another sales individual who had sold that domain for years. I shared some of the things I had seen, the questions that came back, and what was to be expected before the sale could close including

  • issues that they weren’t even talking about but could count on being raised
  • questions that would be asked after the initial round of conversations occurred
  • considerations on the product that the engineer didn’t consider or mention, but the production team would bring up instantly.

How did I and the other sales guy know? Experience.

We have both walked through it, seen the same things happen over and over, and know now to get the information up front. I suggest that the sales guy point to the in-house expert on the next sales guy and bring him in to help with the call.

He did not.

I get it. You want to close on your own. You want to prove you can figure things out. You want to show that you are able to make it.

The thing is, we are not in business to feed or prove our insecurities. We are there to contribute to the industry, provide resources to employees, make customers’ lives better, and to raise the bar of what is being done. There is no room in there for bias, insecurity, or ego.

Bring someone else in on a call or meeting doesn’t show you are weak. It shows that

  • your firm is an expert in the field
  • you have experience and can help them navigate the upcoming production cycle and new product development cycle
  • care about what they are doing enough to bring in any resources you know of to help

This is why we sell. Not to prove ourselves, not to make money, not to raise sales; but to enable others with knowledge, resources, or capabilities that we have.

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